Terms of use


The following establishes the Terms of Use for The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS (https://www.diversity-in-the-arts.jp; hereafter referred to as “Website”) operated by The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS (hereafter referred to as “Foundation”), and the content (hereafter referred to as “Content”) provided on the Website.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully, and use the Website (including the Content therein; same for the following) only if you agree to be bound by these terms. By using the Website, you agree to be bound by these terms.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms without prior notice. In this event, we ask that you comply with the most recent version of the Terms.

1. Purpose of this Website

The purpose of the information published on the Website is to promote the business of The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS.

2. Privacy Policy

For details on how we safeguard personal information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

3. Notice and Limitation of Liability

We may update, amend, delete, etc. the information on the Website due to issues with telecommunications equipment, the network, and/or the computer, as well as suspend, terminate, etc. the Website itself, without prior notice. The Foundation is not in any way liable for any damage, loss, etc. incurred by the Website’s users (hereafter referred to as “Users”) for any of these reasons.

We try to ensure that information posted on the Website is correct and up-to-date. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, purposiveness, usefulness, benefit, and/or reliability of each piece of information, and are not in any way legally responsible for this information.

Though we try to ensure complete operation of the Website, the Foundation is not in any way responsible for any damages incurred by the user through use of the Website or any information/data therein, as well as any damages Users cause for a third party.

4. Copyright

The Foundation either possesses the rights to the Website and any content published on the Website (information, logos, design, text, images, photographs, and miscellaneous content), or uses content for which the Foundation has been granted a license by the copyright owner. For this reason, we forbid the appropriation and unauthorized use by Users of all or some parts of the content published on the Website, whether through duplication, modification, rental, distribution, and/or public transmission.

When citing content published on the Website, establish the origin of the citation as the Website by displaying the URL, or providing a link to the front page of the Website or to the relevant article. For the terms of use concerning links, please consult “Linking to this Website” below.

5. Linking to this Website

Other websites may link freely to the Website unless for a commercial purpose. However, when establishing a link, websites must show clearly that the link leads to the Website and ensure that the front page of the Website, or the relevant article, opens in a new browser window. Websites may not link directly to an image or PDF file, and we reserve the right to insist that any link to the Website be discontinued if the Foundation deems it inappropriate. Please delete the specified link swiftly if any such request is received. Additionally, please be aware that any content published on the Website may be amended/deleted without prior notice. The content of websites that link to the Website and are outside the scope of this foundation (hereafter referred to as “Linked Sites”) are managed and operated by administrators of each Linked Site, and the Foundation is in no way responsible for their content. The Foundation is not in any way responsible for any damage incurred by the user with respect to Linked Site content, or use of Linked Site content. Please comply with the terms of use for each link site, and access them at your own discretion.

6. Use of Social Media

The Website uses social media to transmit a variety of information.


  • We cannot ensure that we will provide responses to all of the comments we receive.
  • We cannot ensure that we will follow back those who follow us on Facebook/Instagram.
  • We may delete without prior notice any comments it deems inappropriate.

7. Jurisdiction

The Tokyo District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance of all disputes arising in connection with use of the Website. In these cases, the governing law will be the law of Japan.

8. Correspondence Concerning this Website

For correspondence in relation to the Website’s operation, please contact us via our Contact page.